Bahubali aaga maariya naan!!

The most hyped movie of this year , expected by loads of fans across borders , after people astonished on seeing Mahendra Bahubali in the first part . All were geared for April 28 release, tsunami at every theater counters ,across all centers.

I took a break for the last couple of days from my worrying rut to think about the positivism and missing me.What was needed for me during this time was seen on the screen.As bio says, ” Live Life King Size” it was seen on screen, not just the monetary wealth but the love and dignity.

Speaking about the movie experience, the theater in thiruporur usually will be waiting for people to reach theatre, but this movie was screened on time,I was late from the gym so had to miss the title cards , thank god my friends didn’t scold me for that.

Exactly witnessed the intro of Amerandra Bahubali pulling off the cart with the awesome charsima while Ramyakrishnan passing under it without any damage.Then the way he shoots on the naragasuran statue with the huge bow and a powerful arrow , the way he posed while shoot, is still in my mind ,Overloaded mass scenes outweighed the non-catchy intro song.

In this movie we could experience humors unlike the previous part, the scenes between kattapa and Bahu showed me both fun as well as the depth in relation ,the similar kind of fun when happens , during my bad mood, maybe i would have taken up in the wrong sense.It showed when you believe in a relation , should believe them completely.

Anushka intro was given an equal importance, the way bahu acted humble was enjoyable along with the build ups given by kattapa , it was pleasurable.though the story is simple ,the great part is the power of characters penned , dramas and action.

Display of determination in rejecting the wealth of magizhmathi , the way bahu handles pressure, and he turned a comedian into hero , every one has the chance to become an hero, cease them when at disposal.

The character of bahu was tested in a lot of situation , and a straight forwardness from devasena , and intelligently staging scenes by villain took away the throne from bahu.

But the goosebumps scene is saved to deliver at the interval block, this where this movie stands apart , it is connected to the audience well, it is encapsulating all the emotions, simple scenes taken in details write from rajamatha refusing eyecontact with bahu.I need to describe this scene.When bahu refuses to read the written one and give the narration from mind , theater erupts, i was not able to control my went as a continuous whistles, the way maghizmathi erupts , the elephants trumpet and the stage cracks , wow wow wow….What more a mass lovers needs.GOOSEBUMPS, my hypothalamus sends message to my muscles to tighten up and hair shows how tall it interval block witnessed so far.

Then comes a scene to educate about what should be the punishment given to the guy who touches other women in a harrassing way, devasena would cut his finger , appaluse from audience given, and at the coutyard where the incidence was narrated, bahu tells ” deva you made a mistake , you should not have cut his fingers rather take his head from his trunk.standing ovation was given.Bahu after been thrown out of the fort , still lives as king . I am aspired to become him one, I know it is not so easy, it needs lots of work to be done with all mental and physical transformation, but my heart throbs to become one

I seriously admired the character of bahubali, I too wanted to treat my people around me as done by my mind said live life as king size!! then the scenes of betrayal and revenge, mahenra bahubali though was overshadowed by his father himself.Climax was average but not a bad ending for the epic sequel,a great extravagance  and visual treat with lots of drama , emotions and actions sequence makes this one has the all time outstanding movie in the history of indian cinema.

The Charisma , The class ,The mass need to say anymore !! one kind of celebrated movie 
Bahuballi aaaga maruvean oru naal !! udal alavil , guna alavil , last but not the least,              manathu alavil!!










Week 1 day 1

I had 7 hours of sleep green tea intermittent fasting done properly that is 16 hours lunch 3 chapati Sundal 4 cups Samba 3 cups karanai kiZhangu 3 cups banana 1 @4pm 3dates @530pm banana 1 @630 pm . Shoulder 4 workout biceps 4 workout herbal shake dal country potato one glass of milk with Lion Dates syrup.

5 litres of water

Last sunday of 2015

Today got up at 11 a.m. breakfast paneer 6 slices of bread 1 carat with tomato sauce after 2 hours 2 potatoes fried it with sauce after 1 hour 1 cup Sambad which sprouts after 1 hour one glass off milk with Lion Dates syrup 1 banana at 6:30 p.m. 5 litres of water

Today’s calorie around 2300 and around 300 steps

A New Begining (NOV 1 2K15)

“It’s not WHAT you want to be , its WHO u wanna be”

I am the one….

  • who gets up early in the morning before the sun rises in the east
  • who hits the gym hard , and give it all i have
  • who goes green by riding to office
  • who eats what is required only by the body and not the mind
  • who is swift at the workplace
  • who recalls what he studied last night
  • who is jack of all trades , by knowing across different new and unexplored fields
  • who consume more veggies than the main course during lunch
  • who hydrates properly and doesn’t binge on the junks
  • who gets back to room and sit for 3hrs and study
  • who is early bird and finishes off  his dinner before 7 p.m
  • who does not live on fantasy and being real and optimistic
  • who is dedicated and feeling satisfied by his efforts and not by his results.
  • who never sleeps more than 6 hrs as arnold recommends

400 BRM – 69th Independence day

The lonely one.none of my colleagues or my  friends interested in cycling , why i need to cycle all the way , not just only because to reduce my weight, something more than that.i found my own-self through cycling, indeed cycling showed me a better life , allows me to view the world from a beautiful visionary, i am not highly motivated person who goes on cycling, but its other way round , it’s cycling which teaches me to stay highly motivated.

When it comes to brevet (spell it as brevey) , it makes me to push my endurance level , still i remember the day i entered into my 6th grade , where students were allowed to come by bicycle to school, though my dad didn’t stop me from it, unlike other parents . I bought a new cycle for my school which is just 2.5 km from my living place.I left home early the day , went half the way, felt like i came faraway from my home,returned and told mom ” mummy school naan ninachathooda rombha thurama irukku ,school ku leave potudran inaiku “. but my  mom dropped me in school , thats a different story. I am not a person born with inborn talent,but a man with lot ambitions , strive for a happier life.Yes, i myself could not believe that i could be successful in endurance sports .I am here because of my perseverance and nothing to loose attitude.

The day before 15th of august , i packed things and went to my friend room in thiruvanmiyur, as always i was warmly welcomed , i always felt good staying there before any big day, everyone there are amicable in nature .


Dinosaur muttai

Hit the gym ,legs workout following with a hot oil mixed with curry leaves bath ,eyes are red superb light body and a boosting green tea ,always attracted to mass ,moreover dinosaurs are pucca mass. Got onto the saddle ,within half an hour reached ags ,there was a long que standing for collecting the 3D glasses

Movie started with dinosaurs muttai , human greed has always leads to an untoward incidents, you can’t go against the nature. mother nature always gives us lot of exciting things , we human in order to make money we use technology ,yes I agree we enjoy it,but we go to the extent of completely destroying it that is wrong indeed.there are lots of mass scene for the man made dinousar so called the genetically designed one.

Coming to the scenes portrayed in the movie,where hero saves the man surrounded by the raptures(dinosaur) checked audience pulses.secondly,when two kids inside the ballroom,how many you could see,the other says it is five ,where is the fifth one he asked,here it is…hamma ..pucca mass scene .It is quite proud to see an Indian in a Hollywood movie.

Kakkai muttai-Golden indeed

It was Friday ,boss went out to meet customer end.Raghav mama and I planned to go out for night show,as I wanted to give my bike to service as well for the 200BRM next week  , it sounded great.I was eager to see dinousar muttai rather than kakka muttai ,as it was released the previous week.But we managed to get tickets for the latter.

Twist comes here , my bike tyre was punctured at the stand itself,took the tyre and got into the bus,luckily Praveen is going from dugar to pallikaranai,he dropped me at probikers.met rohith ,I was having a plan of upgrading myself to road one,but he suggested me to carry with the same,few technical knowledge on bikes were shared.

Went to mama’s always warm welcome,party room it was,cool friends around him.unfortunate that  I couldn’t give him a company .it was 1159PM show , a midnight show,I never expected such a crowd at mayajal at midnight,probably it is a weekend night.lively atmosphere ,thanks to TEL ,I had a power nap earlier in the evening ,it helped me to be a nocturnal .Had dinner at dosai kadai where usually mama and his friends eat.

Kakkai muttai -name itself peculiar ,why one thinks of kakkai muttai,when there are vathu eggs and kozhi eggs , yes it states the economic status of the people portrayed in that movie, two children are so poor that they can’t even afford for eggs layed by hens. The movie starts with the younger one peeing on the mat itself ,all the scenes were so real ,u can relate to the slum world.the acting of the kids were so real , I have never seen them in any other , I still don’t know the director’s name ,below are the karuthu I grasped from the movie .
1.The elder brother climbs up on the tree ,younger bro asks him to come down taking all the three crow eggs from the nest, but he leaves one for the crow.he treats crow as his friend not just as a source for eggs,he feeds too.

2.Deforestation leaves the crows homeless,it hurts the two kids ,they love those crows.while others just see that place as a playground. of two vetti boys were also significant , kashta padama ethuvum kidaikuthu,apadi kidicha athu nilaikathu.though they make more money than the two kids,they couldn’t live with peace and happiness.

4.Amma’s policy of not beating up his child when he goes wrong , it was a strong message for few parents ,sameway kids too didn’t take advantage of the freedom.

5.Paatis pizza was top notch,it was real indeed,pizzas are nothing but capsicum, tomatoes perfectly cut,they can be bought for mere 10 bucks

6.Endorsement and stardom. Being a star ,they inspire a lot ,whatever a star does people tend to follow the same , so be a human before being a star.think twice before you endorse any product or a firm